HAPI: Asynchronous Pi-Calculus - COPLAS TALK by Lasse Nielsen – Københavns Universitet

HAPI: Asynchronous Pi-Calculus - COPLAS TALK by Lasse Nielsen

HAPI: Happy Asynchronous Pi-Calculus

by Lasse Nielsen

Danish Defence


We present HAPI, a language based on the asynchronous pi-calculus with multiparty session types. The HAPI language has a formal grammar, verification of multiparty session types and can generate multi-process C++ code.  This enables the realization of many years of theoretical work as well as the evaluation of concurrent algorithms utilizing multi-core architectures while guaranteeing error-free interactions, absence of race conditions and detection of most deadlocks.

The process-oriented nature of the language enables optimizing core-utilization via program transformations, ensuring the preservation of semantical properties using a type-driven analysis.


Lasse Nielsen is a computer scientist at the Danish Defence. He received his Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Copenhagen in 2011.  His research areas include session types, regular expressions, formal semantics and type systems.  For more information on HAPI, see http://thelas.dk/index.php?title=HAPI.

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Host: Fritz Henglein (DIKU)
Sponsor: APLDirections/assistance: See map and/or call Fritz, +45-30589576