Master's Thesis Defense by Yuezhu Men & Andreas Lynge – Københavns Universitet

Master's Thesis Defense by Yuezhu Men & Andreas Lynge


A domain-specific language for banking


Scandinavian Data Center (SDC) has been looking for a new domain-specific language (DSL) for developing applications accessing and integrating SDC’s banking services and external services. Based on an analysis of user requirements we have designed the Visual
Orchestration Language (VOL). VOL largely fulfills the user requirements and has a number of unique features not found in related languages. To evaluate VOL, we have implemented BIDE, a Proof of Concept implementation of VOL and demonstrated it at SDC, where it was well-received. While originally targeting BIDE at ordinary bankers, it turns out to be more suited for developers at SDC and its customer banks. An advantage of VOL is that its design, driven by domain-specific use cases, is simpler compared to Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) and other general business process languages, whereas the latter come with existing implementations that support plug-in
development rather than requiring a from-scratch implementation.

Advisor and internal examiner: Fritz Henglein, DIKU

External examiner: Mads Rosendahl, RUC

External advisor: Ole Perch Jensen, SDC

The defense is public and there is no registration required. If you need parking, please contact Fritz Henglein,