Master's Thesis Defense by Bogdan Constantin Pomohaci – Københavns Universitet

Master's Thesis Defense by Bogdan Constantin Pomohaci


Cooperative Work Practices in Construction Industry: Articulation Work and Awareness


Construction building process is a complex and dynamic phenomenon. Collaboration in construction projects can be highly demanding due to its low acceptance rate of technological digitalization. One of the most important issues in construction industry is the high level of costs that are achieved due to the articulated cooperative activities of the building process. This thesis seeks to determine what collaborative artifacts and CSCW concepts are used in construction building process in order to reduce the amount of articulation work. This was done by conducting an ethnographical study which was made on the building site as well as in the office, in order to examine the coordinative process of construction. In the final analysis, based on the data collected, the findings of this study indicate that the collaboration practices used for decreasing articulation work are utilizing key concepts of CSCW such as awareness, boundary objects, standardization and rationalism. Those results can be used as recommendations for further optimisation of articulation work in the construction building process.


Professor Pernille Bjørn, DIKU

External examinator

Keld Bødker, Roskilde University