Nordic Blockchain Summit 2016 – Københavns Universitet

Nordic Blockchain Summit 2016

At the Nordic Blockchain Summit, decision makers and business leaders from different backgrounds and industries come together to look beyond the hype, discussing opportunities and challenges that arise through Blockchain.

The Nordic Blockchain Summit is an event organized in collaboration between ITU, Copenhagen Business School and University of Copenhagen (DIKU).

We are looking forward to welcome speakers and panelists with unique insight into the implications of Blockchain. Confirmed are:

  • Jacob Munk-Stander (Managing Partner, Unmade)
  • Jesper Rønnow (Chief Executive Officer, SKAT)
  • Joachim Schrey (Partner, Noerr)
  • Henning Diedrich
  • Morten Holm Christiansen (Chief Financial Officer and Head of IT Delivery, Maersk Line)
  • Poul Raaholt (Co-Head Group Digital, Nordea)
  • Stefan Gössel (Managing Partner, Leadvise) 
  • Vinay Gupta

If you would like to learn why firms are massively investing in Blockchain, and if you would like to hear more about how firms will put Blockchain to use, this is the right event for you. Register now!