[Cocci] Bundling of sexplib

Richard W.M. Jones rjones at redhat.com
Mon Jan 10 15:07:49 CET 2011

coccinelle 0.2.5-rc1 bundles sexplib.  Unfortunately it seems to
bundle a patched version of sexplib: some functions have been added to
upstream, at least:

  Error: Unbound value Conv.hashtbl_of_sexp

Fedora has a policy against bundling libraries:


for very good reasons including being able to track and patch security
issues in libraries, minimizing download sizes, and maximizing shared

As a result of this we can't package coccinelle 0.2.5 until all the
bundled libraries are identified, all the differences between the
bundled libraries and upstream are listed, and all the changes are
sent and accepted upstream.

If you have such a list of differences, then that would help me in
getting the packaging going again.  Otherwise I'm afraid it will have
to wait until I have time to manually compare librar(ies) in detail,
which could take a while.


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